Growing trees are often a source of damage to sewer, septic, and underground utilities. Improper drainage on your property can be equally damaging, and when old drainage systems need repaired, or new systems need installed, it can be a nightmare.

Often, repair quotes can be astronomical or projects go over budget. At Stecko Contracting, LLC, we have tools and experienced crew to deal with damaged underground systems, and we provide reliable free quotes.

To assure your satisfaction, we not only provide repair services, we leave your land graded and professionally landscaped as needed. Our crews handle it all in one smooth operation.

Stecko Contracting, LLC provides services in the Greensburg and Westmoreland County areas. Give us a call today at 724-527-7442 to discuss your damaged underground systems.

Experts in Underground Systems and Utilities

Specializing in both commercial and residential properties, Stecko Contracting, LLC places an emphasis on your satisfaction and safety. We understand that every property comes with its own challenges and circumstances, and we’re ready to meet your needs.

  • Getting the job done right the first time and enabling customers to return to their busy lives is essential.
  • Our experienced repair and installation of septic systems, gas, water, electrical and sewer lines guarantees your satisfaction.
  • Excavating and landscaping from one expert source.

We offer free estimates on all jobs. To learn how Stecko Contracting, LLC can make the difference for your home or business Contact Us today or call 724-527-7442.