Seasonal changes can cause catastrophic tree damage, and high winds are often the biggest culprit. Sudden storms, ice and snow, or sodden ground conditions can cause a tree to become an “immediate hazard” or worse yet, to fall.

However, when a tree comes down in your yard, none of those things really matter.

What matters is having a reputable contractor available to help you through a devastating and difficult situation.

At Stecko Contracting, LLC, we’ve built our business helping property owners just like you deal with fallen trees. Call us today at 724-527-7442 or complete our easy contact form.

Downed Trees and Immediate Hazards

Downed trees are an obvious problem. The tree has fallen over and is perhaps laying on your property (best case) or laying on your house or other structure (the worst case scenario).

An “immediate tree hazard” is a different situation. “Immediate hazards” can result when a tree is split, from a lightning strike or high wind, or perhaps it has lost major limbs, which can be precariously balanced in another tree or bush, or even worse, lying on a roof. Other hazards include the tree leaning, or exposed roots.

Whatever the situation, Stecko Contracting, LLC will be there for an immediate assessment and guidance for next steps. We are experts in tree removal.

How We Can Help You

Stecko Contracting, LLC is your local, hometown tree specialist and the most qualified company to help you through the situation. We offer:

  • 24 hour service to help you through a difficult, often frightening time.
  • Guidance to assess the situation
  • Reliable fast professional experience

For 24-hour service, call us at 724-527-7442, or visit our Contact Us page.