A freshly built home or business is a wonderful thing – but without the proper precautions, that new building can quickly become a maintenance and repair nightmare. Stecko Contracting, LLC offers French Drain and landscaping services to help protect the foundations of your investments for years to come.

The Cost of Water Damage

Not only can extra moisture in the ground around your home cause mold and mildew, it can drastically reduce the lifespan of your foundation itself! Pools of water build up around your basement – and without proper drainage, that water has nowhere to go but into your home. Water seeps into anything it can, eroding your building materials, often freezing and expanding to cause cracks – stressing your foundation to its limits.

Water cut the Grand Canyon into Arizona, imagine what it can do to your house.

While concrete and block foundations do need to retain a bit of moisture for structural integrity, allowing too much water to gather around your foundation can mean tens of thousands of dollars in costly repairs over the life of your building.

So – what do you do about it?

Protecting Your New Construction from Water Damage

The best way to deal with moisture is to stop the damage before it starts. Through the use of French Drains and tactical landscaping, we can re-route the flow of water away from your new building to a safe drainage point.

Stecko Contracting, LLC has years of real world experience diverting the flow of troublesome ground water away from our customers’ homes and businesses – call us today at 724-527-7442 or Contact Us online for more information about keeping your foundation dry and happy.