Is your wet basement or structure, keeping you up nights worrying about costs, and future damage?

While wet basements are often the norm in Southwestern Pennsylvania, they aren’t something any home or commercial property owner should settle for.

In addition causing foundation cracks, which could lead to structural instability, issues like black mold can also accompany wet foundations.

Why French Drains are Important

Unlike surface drains, which remove visible surface water, the French drain collects and removes subsurface moisture, thus keeping your foundation dry and lessening stress on your home or commercial structure. During the process, the ground around the structure might also need raised to the foundation level.

Stecko Contracting, LLC has safe affordable solutions for your wet basement or foundation.

Owner Jason Stecko will be there on the job, while his experienced crew install French drains and catch basins which alleviate standing water on your property and keep your foundation dry.

In addition to services installing French Drains, Stecko Contracting, LLC also offers:

  • Raising the ground to foundation level
  • Shrub removal
  • Repositioning of air conditioning units

Stecko Contracting, LLC is your one stop excavation service in the Greensburg area! Contact Us, or call 724-527-5442 for information about drainage issues.